Meet us

Hi there! 

We are Tara and Denis and before we tell you little more about us and our work, we would like to thank you for your time and interest being here on our page and hopefully in these few sentence we will interested you enough to consider us being a part of your special day.

It all started as his hobby, holding camera and skateboarding, filming others doing crazy tricks, or inventing all kind of “tripods” in city environment for camera to film himself doing the same crazy nollies, kick flips and grinds which he says to me as if I know what that really means. And despite his big passion for skateboarding, film and photography slowly took over. It was just matter of time when he would quit his job as a cameraman in media group and occasionally filming weddings to start his own business. It was 2013.  when Amas films was created. The idea was doing something different from traditional and cliche wedding videography and the only right way to do it was raw, unique and story-driven movie. 

Soon, we become life partners, we become business partners, and even tough I genuinely love my first line of work as an occupational therapist, documenting the story of two people in love was best decision in my life. For us, there is nothing more fulfilling and humbling than being a part of your special day, preserve memories and capture all of those big and little moments that you will look back after many years and still manage to experience it all over again. 

Today, we continue our story together, as husband and wife, filmmaker and photographer, two people who believe that true love is most inspiring and documentary approach in cinematography and photography is most genuine way to show it! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we really do look forward to hear from you!