Iceland was our desire for a long time. It was our first date when we agreed that we will travel there once for sure but it took a lot of things to align for us to make it happen. And one morning we finally had tickets in our pocket. 

Not only that we had an opportunity to travel there, but also to be so lucky to have two amazing people to travel with us. Martina and Nino share there love for a long time, but it was like having newly lovebirds shooting their first engagement session and we are so thankful for that. 

There are no words to describe what was like being photographed in a wedding dress on -7 degrees, Icelandic wind and facing one of the biggest storms in December. Thankfully, dresses are so long so they cover 5 pairs of sock and mountain boots. Nevertheless, Martina and Nino did such a great job and made it so easy. 

It was magnificent four days of traveling all the way from Reykavik up to Vik, Glacier lagoon and Black Dimond beach, driving , absorbing every inch of breathtaking landscapes, eating sandwiches and noodles, swimming in hot springs, eating ice-cream in cold and just having fun.

After visiting island of fire and ice, we had nothing but a huge respect for our Mother Nature.